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A book : Physics Reimagined

Professorship 'Physics Reimagined',
Paris-Saclay University

'Physics Reimagined' of Julien Bobroff, illustrations of the 6 and 12 chapters, at Flammarion Publishing, published 09/23/2020.

Six illustrators participated into the drawings of this books commissioned by the professorship 'Physics Reimagined'.

Only one rule : duotone.

We drew the illustrations of the 6 and the 12 chapters, about the tunnel effect and the supraconductivity.

Le livre-Ed.Flammarion

'Physics Reimagined' is aiming to explain quantum physics without any equation nor historical briefing, but instead with analogies and illustrations, to "make visisble" these penomenons.

One can also learn about last developments in this field, straight from laboratories, as the quantum computer, supraconductivity at room temperature, or quantum biology.